this blog turned 2 today


Do not fight me on this the Snow family were hardcore supporters of the star crossed lovers bye

catching fire was hecka good 

good day or night wherever you are!

i just wanted to say hello and how are you, i hope you’re all doing awesome. catching fire is coming soon and that’s so weird because i remember starting this blog up when the hunger games was just a medium size thing on the internet, but now it’s anything but. i don’t know when this blog will be active again, and how often it will be, but i just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words through these passive months. you’re all cool people and i’m glad you’ve stuck by.

Goodness gracious it is

i genuinely expected finnick to have one leg on the chair with a torn shirt and the rose between his teeth well what can i say


What do you mean this wasn’t underlying canon?

"You’re an embarrassment to us all, Gale"


Christmas at the Capitol

Drawing on a different computer is extremely difficult help

whoa what sorry

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about badlydrawn, and here’s my answer

this blog is a priority but it’s not my top one. if i get inspiration, i have it, and I will post something. I was unhappy with the way I was running this blog before hand-what with the forced requests etc etc. I’m trying, but I can’t promise this to be updated as often as it used to.

Thanks for sticking around. I love you all! Don’t worry this blog is still active.

t h e m e